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About Us





Arrived merges technology and tangible experiences to provide a fluid process and memorable stay for the entire group. Join us in becoming a part of the Arrived family and help us make your stay a part of who you are. We believe experiences through travel should be had often and should inspire us and the people we are with. Close to half of your vacation time is spent in your rental home. Our goal is to make you feel like you have arrived for your vacation when you walk through our door. Not everyone is as fortunate to have the luxuries many of us experience. We hope to inspire you as your stay sponsors a family who doesn’t have basic needs to live. When you arrive, you help someone else arrive.

The Team


Scott Jordan

Principal | Founder | CEO

Scott, founder of ARRIVED, has been an active investor in real estate since 2016 and has experience performing underwriting and due diligence on $500M+ acquisitions. Scott has managed opening, setup and operations of 40+ short-term rental units. Scott completed his education at the Marriott School of Business with a BS in Strategic Management. Scott has experience analyzing financials for $60B divisions at a top 10 fortune company.


Maxx Johnson

Principal | Co-Founder | COO

Maxx, Co-founder of ARRIVED, managed pricing optimization and operations of 40+ short-term rental properties. Maxx brings Blue-chip financial experience from two summers spent at Deutsche Bank on their FX Derivatives Trading Desk. Maxx studied Strategic Management and Mathematics at Brigham Young University. Maxx performed due diligence for multiple Venture Capital funds and participated in grows stages of two Silicon Slopes tech companies.


George Giron and Alexis Perez

Guest Specialists

George and Alexis have spent years in customer support and managing teams of customer support personnel. They have worked for both many notable companies such as T-Mobile, Telus, Travel Buddies, Lyft and Doordash. They have been with the ARRIVED team since its' foundation.


Michelle Johnson

Lead Property Manager

Michelle Johnson has been with ARRIVED since its' early days. She oversees guest communications, owner relationships, quality assurance and compliance services. Before working for ARRIVED, Michelle was a lead sales representative at a front office services technology services company. She brought with her the "home management" skills developed through raising six kids and a husband.